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All modern telecommunications (radio,television,cellphones,satellites)stem from our understanding of Maxwell's Equations. Maxwell's genius was to combine the known physical laws of Gauss, Faraday and Ampere and recognise that the equations are of the same form as a wave equation and that a constant called "c" in the equations, related to permittivity and peameability (electric and magnetic quantities that had been measured), had a value very close to the speed of light and to deduce that it was equal to the speed of light. He was thus able prove the electromagnetic nature of visible light and all the wavelengths of the spectrum. What all the maths is about in Maxwell's equations! A no-maths explanation. Click on this link! The equations can be described mathematically in differential calculus form using operators Grad, Div and Curl or using closed path integrals. Such notations are neccesary because the equations describe electric and magnetic field effects.